Monday, 19 December 2011

New Fox Design

New Fox

After having a certain "fishy" Chinese company decided to copy and sell poor knock offs of our fox design. We decided it would be best to update our version of the very popular outfit.
Wanting a more sleek fox look, we stylized, thinned and elongated the muzzle and tried to give the hood more cheeks. Not just a round inflated head.
His nose has a slight curl up to it, going for that sly/snooty fox look.

Body has remained the same (generic), but I'm very happy how the new hood has come out. It's unlike any other latex fox out there.

I've changed the way I do my inflatable animal hoods too on the inside. Rather than a hose in your mouth to breath. (which I personally find causes jaw fatigue) . I've opted for to simple holes (trimmed in smooth metal rings). that your mouth simply sits around.
Basically what you see on the nose on the outside, now sits on the inside. Making for a comfortable and happy wearer.

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