Monday, 19 December 2011

New Fox Design

New Fox

After having a certain "fishy" Chinese company decided to copy and sell poor knock offs of our fox design. We decided it would be best to update our version of the very popular outfit.
Wanting a more sleek fox look, we stylized, thinned and elongated the muzzle and tried to give the hood more cheeks. Not just a round inflated head.
His nose has a slight curl up to it, going for that sly/snooty fox look.

Body has remained the same (generic), but I'm very happy how the new hood has come out. It's unlike any other latex fox out there.

I've changed the way I do my inflatable animal hoods too on the inside. Rather than a hose in your mouth to breath. (which I personally find causes jaw fatigue) . I've opted for to simple holes (trimmed in smooth metal rings). that your mouth simply sits around.
Basically what you see on the nose on the outside, now sits on the inside. Making for a comfortable and happy wearer.

Friday, 16 December 2011

That's one Fat Dragon!

Fat Dragon

Latest Creation - Fat Dragon!

This guy was a challenge but so much fun to produce and design. Feels simply amazing to wear and I hope it's owner in Canada enjoys being blown up huge in his one piece rubber dragon costume.

Video of the suit in action can be found here.

We have some fun animals coming up over the next few months including.
Fat Female Cow, Raccoon, Pool Toy Hyena, Dragon, Muscled Wolf.
All of course which will be inflatable!

So stay tuned everyone!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Exploding at MIR

This is something I've ALWAYS wanted to try. We had an inflatable suit which unfortunately had some uneven sheet latex in it. So, rather than cutting it up to recycle. We thought, why not go out with a bang!

Was quite the hit at this years Mr International Rubber in Chicago. It was a honor to be involved with MIR and we look forward to returning again next year.

Catfish? Hell No!

Oh, One more thing.

Just wanted to clarify that we do NOT use Latex Catfish to produce our items.
This company is border line scam, i've had friends wait over a year for one single item, even then it turned out shoddy and terrible. Whilst I understand budget is always an issue. Sometimes it's worth saving up that little bit more to get a suit from a more repeatable latex builder.
This company has stolen images and designs from us, Pretty Pervy, Black Style, DeMask... The list goes on.

They copied the patterns from our fox (the inflatable hood to a T!), our fat raccoon and now I find someone has had a pink donkey produced by them, following our design. (Which Big Horse himself approved).

Whilst it's disappointing to have these designs badly reproduced by Latex Catfish. I know there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening, nor am I mad with the people that have them made. Because frankly, they're so badly made, I hear so many horror stories about the company that good luck to anyone dealing with them!
It's not going to stop us building new an exciting designs. We're not going to get hung up about it.
The only thing I hate hearing is people thinking we are them, that we use them.
They copy us, not the other way around.

Because of this, I've gone an redesigned the fox hood. It's far more stylized. I'll let Catfish have our old design, it's dated anyway. ;)
(Images up in the coming days)
Also working on updating the raccoon. It was one of our first and it's very simple is design. So, be on the look out for that one!

We have some wonderful projects coming up! Some of the most complicated designs i've ever taken on.

Thank you to all who have supported us, we had a ruff patch for a while there, but it's great to be back in full fast swing.Now, time to edit this images and put up some new designs!

Well, Here we are!

Hi There!

Thought to myself this would be much better and easier to update than the news section on our website.
It will also allow me to get feed back from the community, ideas, suggestions on what to do next or how to improve.

A little about myself, I'm Eden. I run, create and design the items you see at Squeak Latex. We are an Australian based company shipping all over the world.
We've been involved in television and stage with our creations. As well as you, the personal client who wants to see their dream made a reality.

We produce ANYTHING! Custom as well as off the shelf designs. We are only just starting out so bare with us as we'll try to get more and more product up as time goes on.