Monday, 12 December 2011

Catfish? Hell No!

Oh, One more thing.

Just wanted to clarify that we do NOT use Latex Catfish to produce our items.
This company is border line scam, i've had friends wait over a year for one single item, even then it turned out shoddy and terrible. Whilst I understand budget is always an issue. Sometimes it's worth saving up that little bit more to get a suit from a more repeatable latex builder.
This company has stolen images and designs from us, Pretty Pervy, Black Style, DeMask... The list goes on.

They copied the patterns from our fox (the inflatable hood to a T!), our fat raccoon and now I find someone has had a pink donkey produced by them, following our design. (Which Big Horse himself approved).

Whilst it's disappointing to have these designs badly reproduced by Latex Catfish. I know there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening, nor am I mad with the people that have them made. Because frankly, they're so badly made, I hear so many horror stories about the company that good luck to anyone dealing with them!
It's not going to stop us building new an exciting designs. We're not going to get hung up about it.
The only thing I hate hearing is people thinking we are them, that we use them.
They copy us, not the other way around.

Because of this, I've gone an redesigned the fox hood. It's far more stylized. I'll let Catfish have our old design, it's dated anyway. ;)
(Images up in the coming days)
Also working on updating the raccoon. It was one of our first and it's very simple is design. So, be on the look out for that one!

We have some wonderful projects coming up! Some of the most complicated designs i've ever taken on.

Thank you to all who have supported us, we had a ruff patch for a while there, but it's great to be back in full fast swing.Now, time to edit this images and put up some new designs!


  1. I can really understand your frustration (the wait and worse quality than your work), but should you not hold hold back your criticism a bit when it comes to the issue of copying designs? Isn't the fox design by Squeak Latex (your company) as much a design theft (from Pretty Pervy), as the fox suit made by Catfish?
    Please let me know if I'm missing something.

    1. Wow, talk about a comment on an old topic.

      Regarding Catfish/Aqua latex. At this point I'm done discussing this company.
      They'll keep stealing, I'll just keep doing what I do.
      Lets just get squeaky and have fun! :)

      Saying that I copied a Pretty Pervy design is uncalled for. I get emails all the time asking if I would produce something made by another company. I politely decline and no doubt they just turn to Catfish.
      The fox isn't a pretty pervy design. That would be like my company wanting to claim the rights to being the only latex company to produce an otter or kangaroo.
      You can't have the rights to a species.
      My design is different to theirs, end of story. There are only so many ways you can pattern a fox, it's extremely generic.
      I'm about the 5th or 6th company to produce a latex fox and pretty pervy (who no longer exist) have never approached me with a problem regarding my very different designed fox.

      It seems I have a very small group of people who dislike Squeak Latex. I can't change this and i'll continue to bring out fun and exciting designs for the other 99% that do actually like us.

      I understand your view regarding the fox and it has been brought up before. But, it's similar but different.
      There are only so many ways you can make a pair of denim jeans look, I don't see Guess getting upset at Target.

  2. Hi!

    We might see things somewhat differently regarding copyright matters, but I certainly don't dislike your company Squeak Latex or what you do. I love it!

    Keep up the good work, but keep to facts only when writing, and be kind :-) It's much more professional.
    I try to think twice before writing on a forum or a mail, since it tends to stay for a very long time.

    Recommended reading (even if it's a year old or so...):

    It seems you believe Aqua Latex and Latex Catfish to be the same company. May I ask you why?